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CABO Pres. Sidney Francis

Post & Video compliments of the Per Ankh Khamniversity YouTube page:

July, 2010: Sidney Francis, President & Chairman of Central American Black Organizations [CABO] speaks and shares an overview of the goals, visions, missions and activities of CABO. This is an excerpt of presentations shared during the Sixth Region Diaspora Caucus [SRDC] and Pan African Diaspora Union [PADU] Summit hosted by SRDC-South Carolina and the wonderful support of the Charleston & neighboring island community representatives.

Special thanks to Br. Kumasi, the women, children & families in concert with the Longshoreman of Charleston for making their conference center facilities available for this august international community body to gather for this historic event.

Special thanks for the Pan African Diaspora Union [PADU] leadership & consensus-centered organization of Dr. and Mrs. David Horne along with others inclusive yet not limited to the AAPRP, AAWRU, Collective Black Peoples Movement [CBPM], UNIA-ACL , UNIA-LDF, African Unity of Harlem, Per Ankh+ May we support CABO as they move beyond their 15th Anniversary to liberate, unify and socially transform the lives of Africans/Blacks of Central America and beyond.

Special thanks and appreciation are extended to CABO President S. Francis for his willingness to share and participate in this interview.

Interview & videography by MwtDrChenziRa D. Kahina, Managing Founding Directress of Per Ankh Khamniversity Institute. May we remain in light, in Ma’at and forward ever in our LIBERATION, UNIFICATION, SOCIAL ASCENSION!

Please note that there is a version of CABO President S. Francis’ statement in Spanish for those that desire or require to hear him share this message with our Hispanic/Latina/Chicano/Indigenous Spanish speaking family village members!!! Abrazos!

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