Dr. Ruth Love

Active projects under Dr. Ruth Love’s organization:

Adopt a Village: We adopted the most needy village of Anoe in Sekondi-Takarodi in
Western Ghana. On a yearly bases, we ship a forty-foot container of items to the Nana.
The items include education and medical supplies. Schools need school supplies.  They need books,
especially by and about Black people. They also needed textbooks and library books. Mays,
globes, computers and games were included.  We positioned the container at a location at the Port and it was staffed on Fridays and Saturdays for donors to bring their donations (wrapped and packed according to instructions.
Half of the container usually has the education materials and the other half has medical
equipment, supplies and simple items requested by clinic and hospitals. Each year, two of
us would travel to Ghana to see that distribution was in accord with our desires.

Ambulances, Medical and School Supplies to Matthew 25 House: This community center is
designed to work with women who are HIV Positive,  and who come daily to the Center to receive
instructions on how to care for themselves and their children. Their husbands have long gone
and their families ostracize them. Hence, they have formed a sisterhood and operate under the auspices
of a very devoted priest. These women work very hard daily in making clothing, jewelry
and baskets to sell. The tie dye and sell their creations to others in and out of the area. The women
also speak to groups of youth and women regarding avoiding contracting AIDS. Noting that the women
walked 10 miles (in 95 to 100 degrees) to the clinic to get the anti virtual medications, I decided to get
an ambulance or SUV,  It was easier to get an ambulance. Hence, we shipped the beautiful ambulance
along with medical supplies and basic equipment. The entire community was jubilant and most
appreciative. Since that time, we have shipped several ambulances to hospitals and clinics. The reaction
is the same. Even doctors want to drive the ambulances.

Building Schools: Working with Dr. Leon Sullivan and his African, African American Summit, a partnership
was established with the country of South Africa. The land would be provided and we would have the
schools built in communities that had never had a school. South Africa would provide the basic education
materials and desks. We supplemented those items with schools supplies and books. When a school
was completed, the parents were absolutely jubilant. They had longed for their children to attend school.
The project gave us much satisfaction.

School Fees: Although Ghana has a policy of universal education, but the fees for books, sandals, lunch
are assumed by parents. Given the fact that the average village family earns $1.00 per day, it is virtually
impossible to pay even the meager school fees. We decided to identify the children who were not in school
and to arrange to pay the fees directly to the education authorities. This program, modest in terms of
amount of funds, is extremely important. It means that children receive an education and can go on to
be contributing members of the society. It is an investment that can pay vast dividends.

WAPP: West African Power Plants: This is a major project between 15 West African countries. Designed to
reduce rolling blackout and provide energy for electricity to even the most remote villages. Having access
to electrical energy can make a substantial difference in the lives of families and in the operation of cities
and towns. Each of the Heads of State have signed the agreement and we have selected one country to
launch the project and every country will have such a power plant. As a part of the project, SUDA has
agreed to earmark a percentage of its profits for Education and Health. I have convened a team and we
have developed a program of education based on the respective country’s needs. A group of physicians
and health experts have developed a program of health. Funding for this gigantic program has come from
several sources and we have been planning for several years.

People to People Program: For several years, we have selected educators to travel to an African country
to work with teachers and administrators. This effort has been well received, particularly in areas where
teachers have not been trained to be teachers. We also take doctors to provide services to village
residents. In many instances, even senior citizens have never seen a doctor or a dentist. It is laborious
as residents flood the temporary quarters in order to be seen by a doctor.
After the work experience, we travel the country to see the historic and cultural sights. This is a very
beneficial program. Everyone leaves with a different concept of helping people.

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