Cassava Project

Asuogya Agro Processing Co-op is a grass roots project spearheaded by a group of local women farmers in a small village in the Brong Ahafo area of Ghana. In 1998, springing from an idea that one of the women had about starting her own Cassava processing business, they understood that its greatest need was to understand its place to empower the individuals and the community.

The Co-op has grown from 5 to 20 women; employment has increased in the village, to the point where we are now employing day laborers from Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso; the women benefit by affording school for their children; better health care and standard of living; and production is up to enable exporting to other countries.

The Cassava is organically grown and processed in a clean, efficient facility; high grade Gari is being produced; and the starch which is a bi-product is now being sold. We are poised and ready to participate in the Pan African agenda to facilitate trade, investment and development between all African countries and Africans in the Diaspora.

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