Maryland SRDC Participates in PLM’s Kwanzaa Celebration

The Maryland SRDC Organization hosted the “Night of Nia” (Tuesday, December 30) at the week-long Kwanzaa Celebration sponsored by the Pan-Afrikan Liberation Movement (PLM).  The event was held at the Maggie Quille Druid Heights Community Center in Baltimore, Maryland.

from LG camera 010Baba Ade Oba Tokunbo, founder of the Organization of All Afrikan Unity Black Panther Cadre and one of SRDC-Maryland’s Elders, gave the Libation to open the event and shared an Afrikan fable named “The Direction of the Heart”, a cautionary tale about how one is led to their purpose (Nia) by what exists in their heart and soul.

from LG camera 012Baba King Obadele, founder of the Souls of Life Society and SRDC-Maryland’s elected Representative for the state of Maryland, shared the fable “The Name of the Tree” and delighted the children (watoto) who were in attendance.

Bro. Cliff, SRDC’s Maryland State Facilitator and Editor of the Web Site KUUMBAReport Online (, explained SRDC’s purpose (Nia) in the context of the larger purpose of Pan-Afrikan organizers to reunite Afrikan people and to “reverse the effects of the Ma’afa” (a Twi word for the centuries of suffering endured by Afrikans due to the Slave Trade and the Scramble for Afrika).

from LG camera 016Finally, Bro Jabari “X”, son of SRDC-Maryland Elder Yahya Shabazz, gave a brief nut stirring drum-and-vocal performance that showed just how much melody and message can be delivered by one man with a djembe when he is a skilled artist and performer.

SRDC-Maryland thanks the Pan-Afrikan Liberation Movement’s visionary founders, Bro. Imhotep Fatiu and Sis. Ife Assata Fatiu, for organizing this annual celebration of Kwanzaa.  We also thank Sis. Harmony, daughter of Baba Ade, for giving the closing remarks, and Bro. Shaka Fatiu, Bro. Anani Kuku Fatiu and the rest of the members of PLM for their continued service to the grassroots Pan-Afrikan Diaspora.

SRDC-Maryland Organizing Committee

State Facilitator and Elected Representative
Organizing Committee Members :
King Obadele Teasdell (Representative, 2013 – 2015),
Council of Elders:
Nana Ohema Njingha Nyamekye
Baba Yahya Shabazz
Baba Ade Oba Tokunbo
2011 Accomplishments:
-  Hosted 2011 SRDC National Conference in Baltimore, Maryland on August 19-21.  Conference Theme: Bringing Ma’at to The Community.  Special Guest on Saturday, August 20: Her Excellency Ambassador Amina Salum Ali, African Union Ambassador to the United States.

2012 Accomplishments:
– Contributions to the 2012 SRDC National Summit in Nashville, Tennessee.  Facilitated Roles and Responsibilities Workshop.
– Participated in Pan-Afrikan Liberation Movement’s (PLM) Kwanzaa Program for the third consecutive year.
– Became a contributing organizational member of the Working, Organizing, Making A Nation (WOMAN) Coalition, a Pan-Afrikan “organization of organizations” in the Greater Baltimore area designed around establishing a financial platform got Pan-Afrikan organizations to operate and accomplish their various missions in the Community.
– Held Preliminary Town Hall Meeting in November 2012 in preparation for February 2013 Election Town Hall for the establishment of Representatives (King Obadele Teasdell and Tafari Melisizwe) for the 2013-2015 session.

2013 Accomplishments:
-  Made initial overtures to Pan-Afrikan Organizations in the Baltimore, Maryland – Washington, DC area, with an eye toward fostering the development of Cooperative Coalitions.
-  Completed a Series of Informational Video Presentations to better acquaint SRDC Facilitators, Representatives and Elders with their responsibilities.  These Presentations included: Iwa Pele, a System of Developing Responsible Adults based on Yoruba Principles of the Spirit of Good Character; The SRDC Facilitator and the Community Town Hall, a primer on the duties of the SRDC State Facilitator and the conduct of the Pan-Afrikan Community Town Hall Meeting; two installments of The Ma’at Minute, brief explanations of the Principles of Ma’at, focusing on the Principles of Truth and Justice; This Is Who We Are, an introduction to the Mission of SRDC. -  Attended 2013 SRDC Summit in Los Angeles, California.
-  Began outreach to two Continental African Organizations in the Washington, DC area (CASLIGHT and PLAD).  Participated in CASLIGHT’s Tribute to New Ancestor Nelson Mandela on December 22, including production of a 20-minute automated audio-visual presentation in tribute to Honored Ancestor “Madiba”.
– Began attending Congressional hearings and meetings pertaining to Afrika, including sessions dealing with the Electrify Africa Act and the 2013 Africa Braintrust held every September by Congressmember Karen Bass (D-CA), Ranking Member of the Africa Subcommittee of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

2014 Projects:
-  Establishing connections with the Continental African Community
-  Assisting in re-invigorating SRDC State Organizations
– Continued attendance at Congressional hearings and meetings pertaining to Afrika, including sessions dealing with the Central African Republic and its struggle with the Seleka, the Boko Haram crisis in Nigeria and the 2013 Africa Braintrust held every September by Congressmember Karen Bass (D-CA), Ranking Member of the Africa Subcommittee of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.  Reports from these sessions can be read on the companion Web Site KUUMBAReport Online (
– Participated in 2014 SRDC National Summit Meeting in Los Angeles, California, toward re-establishing and re-invigorating the central SRDC Mission of Organizing The Diaspora.


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