State Facilitator and Elected Representative
Bro. Cliff,

Organizing Committee Members :
King Obadele Teasdell,

Council of Elders:
Nana Ohema Njingha Nyamekye
Baba Yahya Shabazz
Baba Ade Oba Tokunbo

2011 Accomplishments:
-  Hosted 2011 SRDC National Conference in Baltimore, Maryland on August 19-21.  Conference Theme: Bringing Ma’at to The Community.  Special Guest on Saturday, August 20: Her Excellency Ambassador Amina Salum Ali, African Union Ambassador to the United States.

2012 Accomplishments:

2013 Accomplishments:
-  Made initial overtures to Pan-Afrikan Organizations in the Washington, DC area, with an eye toward fostering the development of Cooperative Coalitions.
-  Completed a Series of Informational Video Presentations to better acquaint SRDC Facilitators, Representatives and Elders with their responsibilities.  These Presentations included: Iwa Pele, a System of Developing Responsible Adults based on Yoruba Principles of the Spirit of Good Character; The SRDC Facilitator and the Community Town Hall, a primer on the duties of the SRDC State Facilitator and the conduct of the Pan-Afrikan Community Town Hall Meeting; two installments of The Ma’at Minute, brief explanations of the Principles of Ma’at, focusing on the Principles of Truth and Justice; This Is Who We Are, an introduction to the Mission of SRDC.
-  Attended 2013 SRDC Summit in Los Angeles, California.
-  Began outreach to two Continental African Organizations in the Washington, DC area (CASLIGHT and PLAD).  Participated in CASLIGHT’s Tribute to New Ancestor Nelson Mandela on December 22, including production of a 20-minute automated audio-visual presentation.

2014 Projects:
-  Establishing connections with the Continental African Community
-  Assisting in re-invigorating SRDC State Organizations


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