SRDC Administrative Structure

The SRDC does not have the traditional president-vice president, or chair-vice chair structure, based on the conviction that titles too often interfere with real work being done. The SRDC Secretariat is the official coordinating and policy making body within the SRDC  is composed of  International Facilitators, Chapter Facilitators and Administrative Staff.

Each Facilitator is a member of the Secretariat, and is the official spokesperson for the SRDC in any city, state, district or regional territory.

Facilitators are not elected, they are appointed. Only the Secretariat can remove a Facilitator. If a community loses confidence in the ability of the Facilitator assigned to that area, the Community Council of Elders (CCOE) needs to have a public meeting about that issue, and if unresolved at that point, the CCOE should refer the matter and the complaint to the Secretariat, which will then look into the matter and make an appropriate decision. It is extremely rare though for any Facilitator to be removed by the Secretariat.