MISSION: The primary mission of the SRDC is to help organize the Diaspora for participation and membership in the African Union (AU), per the AU’s 2003 Article 3(q) invitation to African descendants to join it as the 6th Region and help create the Union of African States/United States of Africa—that is, 55 individual African countries, as currently exist, merging into one very large nation-state federation, with one flag, one parliamentary central government, one dominant African language, one currency, one African national anthem, etc. The SRDC works at establishing  tangible collaborations and networks with Diasporan organizations on a global scale for joint projects towards that goal. The SRDC
believes that 21st century Pan African organizations must work more collectively to be more effective in helping to accomplish Pan African unification. Working collaboratively, we are stronger in our quest to restore dignity, respect and
sustainable development on the continent and in the Diaspora.

EXAMPLE OF MISSION IN ACTION: The SRDC initiated the concept and process called, “The Decade of the (African) Diaspora,” as a specific time period—2010 to 2020—in which African descendants organizing themselves within the African Diaspora would step up and take full multi-dimensional responsibility for their obligation to redeem Africa and simultaneously resurrect themselves.





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