SELECTIVE ACCOMPLISHMENTS TO DATE:  In the USA, the SRDC (currently a coalition of 65 different Pan African and reparations groups) has organized Town Halls and assisted in CCOE elections in California, Oregon, Washington State, Ohio, Tennessee, Maryland, South Carolina and New York, with a large list of other states on schedule for 2011-2013, including Alaska. In addition, the SRDC has a membership-partnership relationship with the Central American Black Organization (CABO), which represents 6 of 8 Central American countries, and AUADS-Europe, which developed after a 2007 lecture and organizing visit to the Netherlands and is now organizing in 10 European countries. There are also SRDC chapters in Jamaica, WI and Nova Scotia, Can. The SRDC has also spread the word regarding the AU invitation to Brazil, Barbados, South Africa, Guadeloupe and Martinique, Germany, and France, each time raising money independently for such visitations.

SPECIAL DISTINCTION: Through a slew of MOUs (Memoranda of Understanding) , the SRDC created and initiated PADU (Pan African Diaspora Union), as the 21st century vehicle to accomplish the establishment of the African Diaspora as the African 6th Region. PADU is an organization of organizations, and operates as a unity-without-uniformity partnership between large and evolving Pan African organizations. Through PADU, the SRDC is allied with the UNIA-ACL, A-APRP, PER ANKH Institute, AF-USA, CABO, AUH,  AUADS, CBPM, HIJ and many others in
pursuit of organizing the African Diaspora.


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